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Telenet - De Digitale Versnelling

De Digitale Versnelling

Silver Effie
Print Media Mention + Out-of-home Media Mention + In-home Media Mention
Telenet Business - TBWA

Stijn Vander Plaetse

Stijn studied Applied Economic Sciences followed by a number of executive trainings at Insead and London Business School.

He started his career at Belgacom where he headed the Product Marketing activities, 7 years later he became CEO of the joint venture Certipost and in 2009 he headed a team that managed all new activities of the Belgacom group as Vice president Innovation.

From 2011, Stijn provided consulting in mainly the financial and media sector on the impact of digital and convergence. In 2013, he became Vice President Product and Marketing at the business division of Telenet.

Telenet - Stijn Vander Plaetse

Kristof Janssens

After studying commercial communication at the Plantijn Hogeschool, Kristof chose to start his career at the LDV United agency in 2007.

He started as an account, became a digital strategist three years later and after nine years ended his Antwerp adventure as strategic director and board member. Kristof worked on national and international budgets such as Red Bull, Opel, Kia, City of Antwerp and Special Olympics.

Since 2016, he started a new chapter at TBWA where he defines the lines as a strategic director for Telenet Business, Delhaize, Joe, HLN...

TBWA - Kristof Janssens