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Always close

Bronze Effie
Digital Media Mention
Proximus - Pivott - Digipolitans

Kristine Verhelst

Kristine Verhelst has an extensive expertise of more than 20 years in the marketing and communication space. After completing a commercial engineering degree at KUL and a Postgraduate degree in Mathematics Applied to Management at ULB she started her career in marketing at Henkel Belgium.
On the back of several marketing jobs she was appointed Media Manager for Henkel Benelux. Passionate about all media matters, she later became Deputy General Manager at Initiative Media to pursue her media track as Head of Media & Production at Proximus.

Proximus - Kristine Verhelst


As Chief Technology Officer of Pivott,Olivier is skilled with in-depth marketing experiences and a passion for digital technologies. He works closely with different teams to ensure consistency through all digital marketing channels and to connect this full approach to social media. He's a big fan of the see, do, think & care business framework with a clear view on customer journeys and a consumer focussed approach. Providing forward-thinking ideas to build and maintain a strong company presence on digital and to drive all digital marketing efforts to achieve your business objectives. His daily vocabulary contains: AI, Dynamic, Programmatic Creative, Machine Learning & Realtime.

Pivott - Olivier Van Duyse

Christophe Glorieux

Christophe Glorieux is managing partner and Founder of Digipolitans. He is a respected executive with almost 20 years expertise in transforming bricks and mortar companies into agile omnichannel marketplaces.
In 2014 Christophe founded Digipolitans to support a larger scale of companies to make digital transformation happen : break the silo's, educate managers by doing, install full customer journey data driven thinking and execution, install an agile way of working with squad teams and dito approach.

Pivott Digipolitans - Christophe Glorieux